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This app can be used on three operating systems: android (to download follow ), ios () and Windows ).

How to start?

We suggest you first enter one or more routes to enable you to receive alerts on travel time and unanticipated obstacles along the route you are actually taking. 

Entering routes (it is only possible to enter routes in Slovenia)

You can enter your route by pressing + under the My Routes option of the On the road section. You can enter custom names for individual routes. After you enter your starting point and destination, you can check the route on the map. If you are not satisfied with the route, adjust it by adding intermediate locations.

Adding intermediate locations

Check your route on the map by sliding the line with the selected route to the left and by selecting the map icon. Press and hold the location on the map through which you would like to travel.  The selected location will become marked, and you will simultaneously open the side menu with information about the selected location. If you are satisfied with the location, confirm it by pressing +. Wait until the Edit Route mode automatically opens.

In Edit Route mode select  and edit the order of the entered locations by “holding” an individual location and moving it up or down the list. (The same way you can edit the order of your routes in On the road mode.)
When you are satisfied, exit the Edit Route mode and confirm the entered route is saved.

Alerts during driving

Before you start your journey, select the desired route under the My routes option.
Promet+ will keep you notified about all events occurring along this route during the time your application is open.
If you activate tracking of your location via the GPS system you will receive alerts only for the part of the route still ahead of you.
If no route was selected and the application Promet+ is open in the On the road mode with tracking of your location activated, DarsTraffic+ will keep you notified about all events within 5 km of your location. 

Traffic report

Traffic Report is a short summary prepared by the Traffic Information Centre of the most important information about the conditions on Slovenian roads.

Voice alerts

For safe use during driving, the application is equipped with a system which automatically plays the appropriate text in real time.
By pressing you will start playing the selected text.

In the Settings option of the On the road section, select the Auto-read traffic report option. With this feature voice alerts about new obstacles or events along the route will be automatically played during your journey if you have selected a route and activated tracking of your location.

Under the Traffic Report option of the On the road section you can activate automatic playing of the current traffic report, which starts whenever this report is updated. You can do this by dragging the Traffic report line to the left and selecting the Open option and then activating automatic playing by selecting  .

Useful information on application management

The application is designed to allow deeper exploration of the organisation of available information by pressing-selecting individual content or by dragging the line with the individual content to the left.


By pressing   you can save most of the contents to your Favourites list. You can access this symbol by dragging the line with any content you chose to the left. 

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