Road closure in the Vipava valley (Vipavska dolina) due to Bora (strong wind)

The information which can be seen here on exceeded limit values of wind strength is intended for orientation and as initial information to drivers.

Individually exceeded limit levels do not automatically mean that a road is closed or traffic is restricted. A decision on road closure is taken on the basis of information currently available, the detected trend of wind strength and past experience.

The traffic on roads is restricted when wind speeds exceed a threshold level and the increasing speed of wind is detected.
A road closure ends when the decrease of wind strength under a certain threshold level is detected.


 Speed  km/h

 Speed  m/s

  Road closure


 80 – 100

 22 – 28

camper vans, refrigerator trucks and sheeted vehicles up to capacity of 8 tonnes


 100 – 130

 28 – 36

camper vans, all sheeted vehicles and refrigerators;
if the wind speed exceeds 110 km/h (30 m/s), the speed limit for all vehicles is 40 km/h


 130 – 150

 36 – 40

camper vans, all level II vehicles and buses


 nad 150

 nad 40

all vehicles

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