Traffic announcement

Traffic announcement

A2 Gorenjska motorway

A number of maintenance tasks (carriageway roughening, tunnel washing and facility inspections) are envisaged for this weekend and next week - most of which will be carried out at night. Preparatory works for the announced resurfacing of the A2 section between Lesce and Brezje will be launched this week.

Preparatory works for the resurfacing of the A2 section between Lesce and Brezje are start in this week. This weekend, half of the motorway is expected to be closed to traffic (the carriageway in the direction of Ljubljana). All traffic will be redirected on to the carriageway towards Karavanke, where it is scheduled to run in both directions, on two travel lanes in the direction of Karavanke and one lane in the direction of Ljubljana. The Lesce, Radovljica and Brezje junctions will be closed consecutively; the Brezje exit from the direction of Karavanke will remain closed during the works. This motorway section will remain closed for two months until the completion of the first phase of the works. The second phase is envisaged for next year.

The replacement of expansion joints on the bridge over the Sava river will be carried out on the section of the A2 between the Karavanke tunnel and Hrušica by approx. 15 November 2022. From Tuesday until Friday, the traffic across the bridge will run on two narrowed lanes in each direction. In the next phase of work, alternative one-way traffic can be expected over the bridge and through the Karavanke tunnel with a 30-minute waiting time before the tunnel.

A partial closure on the section of the A2 between the junctions Jesenice vzhod (Lipce) and Jesenice zahod (Hrušica) towards Karavanke is expected from Thursday 6 October 2022, 9 am in order to restore the Podmežakla 3 and 4 viaducts. In the second phase (presumably the following week), there will be a partial closure of the carriageway in the section towards Ljubljana. During the partial closure, the passage of vehicles of max. 4 m in total width will be enabled.


A1 Primorska motorway 

The reconstruction and security upgrades, which are expected to be completed in the second half of November this year, are being carried out on the A1 section between Divača and Kozina towards Koper (more information). In the section towards Koper, the overtaking lane is closed in three different places; the overtaking lane towards Ljubljana is closed. On Monday, 3 October 2022, traffic will be redirected to half of the motorway (the carriageway towards Ljubljana) and will run on two narrowed lanes for each direction of travel. During this time, special transports of up to 3.5 m in width will be allowed through the work barrier area in the direction towards Koper, and up to 5 m in the direction of Ljubljana.

A2 Dolenjska motorway

The section of the A2 between Kronovo and Dobruška vas, will be resurfaced by mid-November 2022. Traffic runs on one half of the motorway, one lane for each direction. The Dobruška vas junction towards Obrežje will be closed (both the on-ramp and the off-ramp) from Monday, until the middle of October 2022 due to roadway repair.

Other roads

  • In Ljubljana, works on Šmartinska cesta, from the exit for Šmartno and Tomačevo to the crossroad for Trbeže, is envisaged from 6 October to 28 February 2023. One-way alternative traffic is expected.
  • Road Ljubljana - Šentvid - Vodice, will be in Tacen closed to 22. December 2022. Dettour: is posible between junction Brod and Šmartno  in both direction, also for vehicles without a vign
  • In Kranj, there will be alternating one-way traffic on the road through Savski otok (Kidričeva-Iskra/Stara cesta) until 8 October. Traffic congestion is expected during rush hours.
  • The Črnivec - Nova Štifta road is closed due to a landslide. Detour: for passenger cars Črnivec - Podlom - Kranjski Rak - Luče - Radmirje - Gornji Grad and vice versa.