Road to Mangart


Traffic regime on the road to Mangartsko sedlo

Traffic on the road to Mangartsko sedlo is allowed to the parking lot, which is 400 m further from the turnoff for the mountain hut. At Mangartska planina, there is an automatic gate with a traffic counter, and at the beginning of the road to Mangartsko sedlo (at Mlinč) there is a digital display of the occupancy of parking places. Once the capacity of the parking places is full, a notification of the full occupancy of the parking places is displayed on the digital display, and the automatic gate does not open until the parking places are freed.

Users can also monitor the data on the number of free parking places on the website of the Transport – Information Centre for National Roads ( In July and August, public transport from Bovec and Log pod Mangartom to Mangartsko sedlo and back to the valley is organised for visitors. The timetable is available on the Soča Valley website (


The reason behind the traffic regime is to ensure road safety and reduce the burden of individual motorised traffic on Mangartsko sedlo.


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