A well-informed driver is a safe driver - 16 years of the Traffic Information Center

A well-informed driver is a safe driver - 16 years of the Traffic Information Center

15 March 2022, the Traffic Information Center for Public Roads (PIC), established by the Directorate of the Republic of Slovenia for Infrastructure and the Motorway Company of the Republic of Slovenia (DARS d.d.), completed its sixteenth year of successful operation.


Our main task is to inform the public about the condition and transportability of all public roads and traffic on them. We had provided users and the media with more than half of milion events on the public road network in 16 years: an average of 34,451 per year, 2,870 per month and more than 90 per day.


Traffic information is available to drivers and the media at all times on a number of information channels:


  • If  you are located in Slovenia the telephone number is 1970, if you  are located out of Slovenia you can call the number (+3861) 518 8 518.
  • In 2021, the website www.promet.si was visited by more than 9 million different users from Slovenia and abroad.
  • The Promet + app has more than 140,000 installations.
  • There is also a toll free answering machine on 080 22 44.
  • More and more users get basic information via Twitter @promet_si and Facebook Promet.si.


In addition to current information on Slovenian roads, the Traffic Information Center provides insight into road cameras (in Slovenia and abroad), calculation of travel times, extended information on major construction sites on Slovenian roads, the situation on motorways and Slovenian border crossings, etc.


Most media in Slovenia cover traffic information using website www.promet.si via standard interfaces. However, drivers can arrange notification by e-mail or by push notifications to mobile devices.


With the development of modern technology and digitalization in transport, the field of traffic informations is also developing. With the help of cooperative intelligent transport systems increase the speed and reliability of traffic information.


The latest news is the service of warning of the danger if the vehicle is driving in the wrong direction on the Promet + application. Notifications come directly from devices or. sensors on highways  to mobile devices in just few seconds.